Half-orc Name Generator (Dungeons & Dragons)

This name generator will give you 15 names that usually match half-orcs in the world of dungeons and dragons. All names are orcish in nature, but half-orcs may also be given human names, there is a connection to this generator and all other D&D generators at the bottom of this page. Their exact origin is either unknown or overshadowed by multiple legends at least. Some claim that a Hobgoblin invasion has produced half-orcs, whereas others might suggest that a group is choosing to breed with orcs to reinforce their lineages. Because of the vast differences between orcs, half-orcs, and humans, half-orcs are typically homeless. However, both can blend in and also benefit from the distinction between them and the other races. Orcs are tougher, brutaler and wiser than half-orcs, but they are smarter and resourceful. Human beings are weaker than half orcs. That generally means half orcs do more work in their human societies, however because of their different appearance and general nature people tend to look at their half orcs with a decent amount of prejudice. Since the half orcs never really fit in, many prefer an adventure life, always searching for or finding a group of their equals, whatever their sort.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

For the past few decades, many people have seen the half-orc as an evil race. A powerful warrior race, half-orcs are known to be brutal fighters. Their origins go back to the First War of the elves and dwarves when they came to fight for the greater good. Their main weakness is their height, which makes them awkward to fight against. Despite their short stature, half-orcs are known for being great warriors. For this reason, the Half-Orc race is the preferred choice of many fantasy roleplaying gamers who enjoy creating characters with a strong sense of honor and loyalty.

Half-Orcs mature about a year earlier than humans, reaching full maturity around age fourteen. They often live longer and rarely outlive 75 years, as most half-orcs live their entire lives as members of one clan. Half-Orcs are the fastest growing race in the game of D&D, but they are also considered to be the weakest. This may come from their short stature, but there are some advantages that they do have. Their race gives them many racial bonuses, including bonus hit points and armor class. They also have an ability called "Rage", which is a racial power that allows them to heal whenever they are below half health. Because they are the least intelligent of the races, half-orcs are often the first to run away when they come under attack.

If you are looking for a character for your D&D campaign or even a character for your own campaign, consider playing a half-orc. While their race does not offer as much as other races as that of the dwarf, human, or elf, they still have some great benefits, such as their ability to heal and their racial bonus to Armor Class. Even with their short stature, the half-orc is an extremely powerful warrior that can provide the same challenge as a fighter of a higher level with a bit more agility and stealth.

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