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This mouse generator produces 15 names that generally fit mice , rats, gerbils and the like. Mice and similar creatures usually share names in this generator with other rodents, but there is a separate rabbit name generator with different names which might be useful to you. Therefore if you don't find a name you want, try rabbit or any of the other generators of pet name, pet names are often, after all, interchangeable.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Many people have a love-hate relationship with mice. Some people believe they are very difficult to house train, but in reality, many of the mice that are used for laboratory studies in schools all have been house trained over several years by the people who were teaching them how to behave. Mice are an excellent source of protein for lab rats and mice. They are very fast at digesting the food that they eat, and they are often used in medical research to create a surrogate mother. The best house mice are the long term domestic house mice.

Mice come in different names across the country, but they all come down to the same type of trait. They are mammals of the order Sciuridae, which is a group of mammals native to Europe and Asia. A mouse, singular mice, is actually a rodent species typically having short rounded ears, small pointed snout, a large body-length scaly tail, a medium to long body, and a breeding tendency of around one percent. The most common mouse species in the United States today is the common house mouse. It is an excellent companion for housebound people, because of its quiet nature. Some breeds of field mice are more common in certain areas, especially if they are local to humans. These animals are also sometimes known as gerbils or grubies, although they do not resemble gerbils or grubs in appearance.

The common house mouse is often given names beginning with the letter "M" as it is known as the Domestic Mouse. Many people have been able to house train mice just as they can house train other mammals. House mice can be a lot of fun to own and have for their own personal use.

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