Sith Name Generator (Star Wars The Old Republic)

This name generator will create 15 random names for the Sith Purebloods part of the Old Republic Star Wars universe. The Sith Purebloods is a race of red-skinned humanoids from Korriban, a planet full of barbarism and violence. In Star Wars The Old Republic this is expressed in the overall actions of the Sith Purebloods. However, the Sith Purebloods are / were not exactly the same as the new evil Siths. The name Sith Pureblood represents their heritage, whereas today's Sith is a philosophy. This name generator was one of the most challenging generators in Star Wars to develop, since there are so many different names in Sith, it is almost impossible to establish naming rules, because there are no official naming rules. That being said, there are literally millions of different potential names per gender, so no matter what name style you choose, you're bound to be one that you want.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Sith Pureblood is a rare race of Dark Side users native to the Planet Korriban in the Star WarsTOR. The Pureblood race was once slaves to the Galactic Republic, but when the Galactic Empire came into power, they were given free reign to do whatever they wanted to their fellow humans, including torturing and killing them. Some of the Sith Pureblood's were not willing to go along with this system. Eventually, these purebloods rebelled against the Galactic Republic and formed their own secret society, the Dark Council. These powerful individuals are known as Dark Jedi, who kill their fellow Jedi on the dark side, in an effort to achieve their dark objectives.

The Sith Pureblooded is a rare race of dark-skinned, red-skinned humanoid species native to the planet of Korriban. Their skin color ranges from reddish orange to shades of purple. Dark Pureblooded's hair color ranges from dark gray to reddish brown. They have dark blue eyes, while they also have a strong presence of dark power in their bodies. There are few purebloods in the SWTOR that don't carry their own signature weapons:

The Sith Lord is a playable character in the Star Wars TOR, who is unique compared to other races. The Sith Lord is a master of the dark side, but he is considered a "dark character" by his own people. This is because most of the Sith have been corrupted by the dark side, but some have turned to the light side as well. The Dark Lord has access to special powers and abilities, such as a dark blast, a force choke, and a dark Force Storm. Dark Lord also has a trait that allows him to instantly restore his health after each attack. He can also use Dark Curse and a Force Stun.

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