Iop Name Generator (Wakfu/Dofus)

This name generator will give you 15 random names that are fit for Wakfu and Dofus universe Iops. Iops are ferocious humanoid warriors who lack noses and pupils but don't let them stop in a fight. The larger their weapon, the smaller usually their brain. But weakness is not an option, which is perhaps part of why the heart is only seen as a good way to end the life of an enemy, rather than any poetic or emotional notions that might otherwise have surrounding this vital organ. Male Iop names are guttural and can be quite mouthful; female Iop names are much more melodic and can range from short to long.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

If you want to play IOP (Interactive Opponent Program), then you are in for a treat. Iop, Wakfu Iop, and Wufu (Wolverine) are my favorite IOPs. I'm the type of person who uses spells and skills to win. That's what I love about Iop, Wakfu and Wufu, they give me an edge in combat. I've beaten all the bosses and quests in the game...I love Iop. She's such a monster in dungeons too!

The most valuable tips to give are use Wakfu Iop spells too! Use a wind spell when you've got spare me, or if you're running low on time, use a wind gust or two! When you've got a spare two-up, you could use an air spell to inflict damage to your opponent. You could also do this using Wind spells. Wind spells work great on Iop since she loves to use spells and moves to slow you down. Use spells like a gust to move around and use wind spells to attack your opponent. After you're done, run away from Iop.

It's also great to use Wakfu Iop on her quests. Her quest abilities will always be useful, especially since you'll often find yourself stuck in a dungeon! Also, Iop loves fighting and will use skills like wind to slow you down, making it harder for you to attack. You could also use a wind spell and run away from her. Iop has a hard time with this kind of combat since she only has a sword, but if you use these tricks, you'll be able to win on your own.

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