Ocean/Sea Name Generator

This name generator provides you with 15 names that match most (larger) water bodies like oceans and seas. Of course there's a big difference between a lake and a bay, or between a sea and an ocean and so forth. But their names are not always so different. Naturally, there are more lakes than seas and oceans. However, names are often based on the position or esthetic aspect of the generator. The first 4 names in this generator are general names based on appearance, local flora and fauna or the history behind that sea or ocean. The last six names are random names that can give any meaning from a place name to a word in a different language and anything in between.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

An ocean is basically a large body of water comprised of a world's hydrosphere, which comprises of a vast majority of the planet's land surface. In the Earth, a marine ocean is actually one of the biggest traditional divisions of the planet's oceans. These are in descending order of size by region, the North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, South Eastern, and Arctic Ocean. In these oceans, there are numerous large and small bodies of water which can be classified into different categories. Among the many oceanographic terms, the Oceanic Zone is the term used to define all waters that lie beyond the limits of the ocean.

The oceanic zone includes a vast variety of waters with varying degrees of salinity and temperature that make them ideal for the aquatic ecosystem. These waters are considered to be among the most productive in the natural cycle of life. There are several classifications or zones of oceanic zone and each class has different types of life that live there. One of these is the open ocean. This oceanic zone can be divided into three distinct sections; namely, the open sea, marine waters, and the ocean depths. The open ocean, which is the largest of these zones, consists of vast expanses of waters open to the air. The other two sub-sectors of oceanic zone include marine waters and the deeper waters.

The ocean depths are not as well defined as the ocean depths, but they too are categorized into three sub-divisions of the ocean. In the first section, called the thermocline, the water temperature becomes lower than the freezing point and then rises again after passing the thermocline. This is the second sub-sector of ocean where the largest number of species can live. The third sub-sector of the ocean is called the thermocline deep. The ocean depths become colder than the atmospheric pressure, with the exception of those areas which lie above and around the continental shelves. The waters that lie between the atmospheric pressure and the ocean depths are called the deep sea. The deepest part of the ocean can also be known as the abyssal plain, oceanic basin, or under the ocean.

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