Jaffa Name Generator (Stargate)

This name generator will give you 15 names that normally match the Stargate universe jaffa. The Jaffa are genetically engineered human beings, done by the Goa'uld, with a cross-shaped abdominal pouch. These pouches are used while they are in their larval state to incubate Goa'uld, which helps these Goa'uld larvae to take advantage of the power of the Jaffa, while in turn supplying an immune system to the Jaffa. This means that the Jaffa are typically reliant on the Goa'uld, as they would require a new larvae symbiont when the other is old enough to take over a host. Jaffa names are generally 2 long, somewhat guttural syllables and sometimes have an apostrophe. Female names tend to be much more melodic but it's not a strict law. Names can also be 1 and 3 syllables long, however this is not as popular as 2 syllable names, so you can find all forms in this generator of names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

"Jaffa" (pronounced "jayfah") is an ancient term for a technologically developed type of alien life form from an extinct alien species of deep space humans native to the Gamma Quadrant. They are referred to many differently as "Jaffling", "Cannibals", or simply "Humanoids". The aliens were said to have arrived in their massive spaceships, which they called "Sleeping Beauties", to steal a mysterious device called the "Stargate." This is one of the most popular alien species featured on the popular science fiction television series "Stargate." They were introduced as the antagonists of season two of the TV show and were also featured as guest stars in some episodes of the series. The main antagonist was the evil sorcerer and terrorist Amaunet.

The Jaffa were originally a group of genetically engineered humans who were sent to explore the galaxy in the hopes of finding a safe place where they could evolve into fully developed beings. The Stargate itself was an Ancient artifact that had been built by the Galactic Council, who was attempting to build a device capable of linking all the civilizations of the galaxy together. The Jaffa' mission was to steal the device so that they could use it to contact other civilizations in the galaxy and request an alliance. The wormhole at the center of the device was a good place to be because it allowed the wormhole to "bounce" information back and forth between the civilizations, allowing it to be used to transmit information. Although the Jaffa were successful in their mission, the wormhole created a dimensional rift that they couldn't survive within. In an effort to survive, the Jaffa created a number of sleeper ships for protection. Unfortunately, the wormhole also trapped the sleeping ships in a temporary dimension called the Pegasus Galaxy, which was occupied by the parasitic race known as the Replicators.

The replicators quickly assimilated the Earth and the other worlds of the Pegasus Galaxy in order to reproduce their own races. The Asgard discovered that the planet Earth had a Stargate and was desperate to learn how to activate it. Although the Asgard had already found the device, the Asgard Prime contacted the Ancient astronauts and asked them to travel back to their home planet and use the Stargate to travel through time. and use the device to travel back to Earth. to activate the device and learn how to use it.

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