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A cockatrice is a mythological being with the head of a rooster, the body of a snake-like dragon, two dragon wings and long, taloned legs which can be either chicken or dragons-like. This name generator gives you 15 random names for cockate. It looks very much like a basilisk, yet gradually it becomes more like a snake and a reptile. Cockatrices aren't all that commonly called, so that there wasn't really much to be used for naming the image or theme of a namer, but we used chicken, rooster and other birds as well as other more fearsome bird sound as a basis for naming c Also we included some generic names for those searching for those names, those as 'Deathtalon' and 'Stonegaze.' In the last two slots of the performance, you can find them.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

If you're looking for a pet to add to your home, you might consider a Cockatrice. An unusual bird, it's actually a mythological creature, basically a snake-like animal or dragon-headed creature with the head of a rooster. The word Cockatrice comes from a Greek word which means 'Cockatoos.' According to Laurence Breiner, a history teacher at St. John's College in Brooklyn, 'a cockatrice was an ornament in the drama and literature of the Elizabethans'. It was often featured in court documents and in the courtly correspondence of the Elizabethan age. According to Breiner, a cockatrice symbolized fertility and strength.

So how do Cockatrices eat? Unlike many other birds, a cockatrice eats meat. These birds feed mostly on small insects and other small animals. Unlike most other cockatiels that live on a diet of fruits, a cockatrice will also eat meat. However, these birds rarely, if ever, eat meat for a long period of time, only consuming small amounts of meat throughout its lifetime.

What do Cockatrices eat? If you're considering getting a cockatrice, it's best that you know what they like to eat so that you can avoid eating something unhealthy. Unlike other cockatiels that will only eat meat, a cockatrice will eat fish, meaty insects, fruit, vegetables, eggs, and other foods that don't contain meat, such as fruits, vegetables, and cheese. If you're not a fan of these foods, then you could get a cockatrice that doesn't eat meat and would instead eat small amounts of vegetables, fruit, and cheese. Most of them are omnivorous and will eat both meat and vegetables, although some of them may choose to only eat one or the other. You should also consider that there are cockatrices that will eat only insects and nothing else. Just be careful of birds that choose to do this, because it can be harmful to their health.

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