Minotaur Name Generator (Chronicles Of Narnia)

This name generator will send you 15 random names for minotaurs part of Narnia Universe Chronicles. Minotaurs are Narnia 's strongest and fiercest warriors, renowned for their courage, bravery and tenacity. Their culture revolves around the warrior's way and as a result they don't wear armor on their backs, as wearing armor on their back will mean that you're turning away from a battle and that's a cowardly thing to do. Minotaur names are obviously Roman influenced, but longer than the satyr names, for instance. There are no known female minotaurs, but we simply used some female elements for this generator because the names are influenced by roman names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Minotaur is the King of the beasts in the Chronicles of Narnia. He was a monster in the story that inspired the Lord of The Rings and the famous Peter Pan. He had many followers and they were the people who helped Narnia get to where it is now. He was the most dangerous and the biggest of all the animals and when he spoke, the others listened to what he said. The only reason why the people did not attack him was because he could make them fly and it was his magic that could control the other creatures.

The first time that they saw him was in the story of The Lost Children. When Narnia came to the place where the stories were told, there was a forest and the animals went there to do their business and the king of the beasts lived in it. One day the minotaurs attacked the people of Narnia, but Narnia defeated them with the help of the children, the witches and the magical books of the book of Haliax. As a reward for their help the Minotaur gave a gift to Narnia. It was a golden apple which could turn into a man if it is plucked from the tree with the right magic and Narnia ate the apple because it was full of goodness. The story ends with the minotaurs leaving the forest. After this incident, the people of Narnia were happy with themselves and they became the people who wrote the books of Narnia.

In the movie version of the story of Narnia, the people of Narnia were much more peaceful compared to the book and the story of Narnia. This version of Narnia is a story of a normal kid who lives a normal life with his family. However, this story had a darker side and some of the animals were treated a little differently. The Minotaur was the ones who were the most evil and they made some people think that they were the bad guys because of their cruelty. Because of this the story has become so popular and people from all over the world want to see this version of the story.