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The generator calls 15 different names, including marshland, glades and mangroves, suitable for swamps and similar geographical areas. Swamps are a popular subject in many fictional works, frequently either as magical places of mighty energy or as tumultuous places of threat. In any case, their names are very similar sometimes, but here and there there are also some differences. In this generator, I have broken the names into 2 groups. The four first names in this generator are common names based on their nature, local flora and fauna or story behind the swamp. The last six names are true marsh names, but are entirely random and thus virtually nonexistent in real life. They may have any meaning, from personal names or places to imaginary words, it's all up to you.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A swamp is an underwater forest. Swamp is an ancient and generic word referring to any low-lying, moist tropical rainforest wherein at least part of the vegetation is saline because of long-term seawater intrusion. A swamp may be a swampy wetland or a marsh. A swamp may be in a wetland or in another form of freshwater habitat. The word swamp comes from the Old English word swan meaning "sea".

A swamp is most often formed by the deposition of river floodwaters on marshy land. These bodies are known as bog or wetland. In the United States, most wetlands are located in central and eastern states such as Mississippi, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Some lakes and rivers in the central and southern states are also developed into wetland areas. The majority of wetlands are situated on rivers, streams, rivers, Brooks, lakes and rivers that drain into inland bodies of water.

Swamps are very diverse in nature and cover an area ranging from a few acres to several thousand acres. Wetlands in the United States have been built over and around lakes and rivers. Some of these lakes and rivers are named after their swampy locations. A few rivers and streams in the upper Midwest region of the U.S. such as the Green Bay River and Chippewa Creek are known for their large size and muddy bottoms. In the United States and Canada, many lakes and rivers are known to be part of a swampy area. Most of the time, most lakes and rivers that border a swamp are part of an important river system. For example, the Snake River that runs through the state of Arkansas is part of the Arkansas River system.

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