Altmer Name Generator

This generator will give you 15 names that match the Elder Scrolls Altmer caste. All these names are generated by rules similar to what the names in the Elder Scroll Games appear to be made. So, most generator names may match, some may even be the same names as the names in the game. Both male and female names have the same last names. The Altmer names have no special significance, title or other identifiable part of a name, as opposed to some other Elder Scroll races. Be aware that Altmer typically does not use surnames, particularly for new Elder Scrolls games. We did not include surnames based on older games for those who choose to use one of them anyway, maybe for a rare, noble character.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Altmer are usually tall, thin, and dark-haired elves of the Summerset Islands. In the game, the race's name is given to them, with the term "Altmer" being an abbreviation for the Elder Scroll version of the race. This race is said to be the ancestors of the Khajiiti, but the differences between the two races can be argued by those who do not believe that it is true. The people of the Summerset Islands have traditionally been of the Dunmeri racial background and were also known to be the creators of both the Dwemer and the Ebonheart Pact. When the two races came into contact, they discovered that their culture had similarities in many aspects, especially their love of art. Thus, they started to create the races of the Empire and the Cyrodiil.

The Altmer are very similar to the High Elves, which has helped them become a popular race in games of the Elder Scrolls series. The only thing that separated the two races was the color of their hair, which is naturally light. They have no magical skills, although they do have natural magic powers. Altmer also have a strong affinity for nature and vegetation, which allowed them to take the role of guardians and healers to the people of the island of Tamriel. Their skin color varies from dark browns to blues, and their hair is usually long and flowing. However, their features are unique, with prominent eyes, long noses, and pointed ears.

The Altmer are also known as the High Elves because they have some characteristics that are similar to the High Elves. Most people associate the race with the High Elves, but there are also some who think that the race is closer to the Dwemer. They have similarities in their culture, although they do not share their dark skin color or their ability to channel magic. Their history is very rich, and their unique appearance is a result of the many different places that they have been.

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