Aztec (Nahuatl) Name Generator

This generator of the Aztec (Nahuatl) name will produce 15 names that either match (mostly) the (older) Nahuatl languages. Nahuatl is an Aztec language group, some of which are still spoken today. Sadly so many true Aztec names are not available because of the lack of historical artifacts. However, we have found a lot of names have sections that are the same or identical and then break them up so that they can combine those names and thereby "unlock" 1000's from the false names. The last 6 names are name pieces, all of which may be actual names. Note that the Aztecs have many unisex names, so many names appear in both the male and female generators.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Aztecs were one of the oldest civilizations in the world and for thousands of years they roamed the lands of Mesoamerica, North and South America. They are famous for their culture, music, pottery and for their impressive pyramids. The Aztecs were also known for their ability to conquer other civilizations. During their reign the Aztecs became quite wealthy and developed a complex social structure with the formation of many city states and kingdoms. They were also one of the first civilizations to incorporate architecture and other civil practices into their religion. Their religious practices and rituals included sacrifice, fertility ceremonies, rituals and prayers, and other things that are commonly associated with the Mayan religion. They may also have used the Mayan language to write down their history.

The location of the Aztec empire was known as the Puebla region, and today the area is called Chichen Itza. The Aztecs were the first civilization that the Mayan people were aware of, and this is the reason why their religion and culture were closely related. The Puebla region was a vast, sparsely populated land and they used different types of technology, such as copper, bronze and stone. In addition, there are many temples and other buildings in the region which contain Mayan hieroglyphics. Many of these structures contain figures of snakes and dragons.

The names Aztec and Mayan are derived from their similarity in pronunciation. The people of Mesoamerica call the Aztecs the "Aztecs of Old Mexico" and the Mayans the "Aztecs of Central Mexico". The Puebla region has many ruins and tombs, which contain many figures of Mayan Hieroglyphics. The most important site in the area is Puebla de Altar, which contains the Temple of the Sun, a temple of the moon and an underground pyramid. The Pyramid of Quiche, and the Tulum Ruins are other important sites. The Puebla de Altar contains many Mayan hieroglyphics and includes many ancient Mayan paintings as well.

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