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This generator name gives you 15 random names for assassins and serial killers. Although the names are primarily targeted at killers, they can also be used by using a different noun for other offenders. The names were divided into two groups. The first five names are longer nicknames, usually used for themselves. Names like 'The Angel Eye Butcher' and 'The Murderer' Babyface. The last 5 names are nicknames that are commonly used along with the assassin's first name, similar to 'Jack the Ripper.' We haven't added first names but on this website there are a lot of names generators that will serve that purpose and this will make finding the nickname you want easier.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A fantasy serial killer is defined as one who murders for fun or to amuse themselves and can be either an imaginary character (like a super villain) or real. Some of the most popular fictional serial killer names are Pennywise, Hannibal Lecter, Freddy Kruger, Jason, and Pennywise from the Stephen King novel "It". These are fictional serial killers featured on popular TV shows and in popular films. This is especially the case with Pennywise, who are the main antagonist in the book, and Hannibal Lecter, who is the star of one of the best movies of the year (both the sequel and prequel). Another popular fictional serial killer is Hannibal Kingpin who is a gangster and master thief in the comic book, television show and movies from Marvel Comics. He has been dubbed as a monster because of his unspeakable murders of innocent people. He is the main villain in the television series and movies of the same name.

The most common and popular fiction serial killer names are names like Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Pennywise the Dancing Clown and Mr. X. These killers usually come to the readers' attention through a character like Hannibal Lecter or the clowns in Pennywise. The clowns of Pennywise, although scary, serve a much more practical purpose and are actually quite entertaining. They are clowns who entertain children and adults at a camp, which is basically a boarding school for troubled kids. They are used by the adults in the camp as security guards, but they are also known to be the killer. The most famous of these clowns is the one that is often seen on the poster for the Twilight movie series.

In many popular fantasy serial killer books and television series, these serial killers are usually shown as monsters, such as Dracula, Freddy Kruger and Hannibal Lecter. However, in fiction they are not monsters, rather they are simply bad people trying to do good things. Some serial killers in fiction also turn into a monster at some point in the story. This is not to say that they always do this, but it is the general tendency. The majority of serial killers who have turned into monsters in fiction are evil and want to harm innocent people, and do not just kill for fun. They may also be very cunning enough to get away with their crimes. For this reason, the serial killer names from fiction tend to sound more terrifying than the ones from fact.

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