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This generator of names will give you 15 random names for slaves commonly used in literature. Depending on the style you are using in your writing, these names may be more appropriate than personal names, nicknames or derogatory names. In real life, the oppressor also gave oppressed people names, most of which were common, every day names, at least to the oppressor. The slaves would possibly view these names as odd and exotic, and as such it would further strip them of their dignity and true identity, beyond being enslaved in themselves. Some would receive names based on where they were purchased, some would receive names based on behaviour, and others would receive names that were degrading and negative and that were supposed to separate them from their identity and humanity. The names are often descriptive and intended to "remind the oppressor of what he or she is or what his or her position is." The last 5 names are 2-word variations of 'Maggot,' 'Lowborn,' 'Beast,' 'Filth' and so on. These names act as names as well as as a means for the oppressor to torment the slaves. "Top Crawler," "Baseborn Bastard" and so forth.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Slavery is both the condition and state of being an involuntary slave, who's essentially someone who's illegal to free and is forced to serve another person as a wage-earner. In modern day chattel slavery on the slaves are legally rendered to the owner of the slave, in most cases with the threat of beatings, whipping, rape, death, or worse. The definition of slavery and the legal definition of slavery has been the subject of a heated debate that has raged ever since the inception of mankind. In ancient Rome it was illegal to own a slave, but many countries still have the legalised status of slavery.

There are two different types of slavery, formal or informal. Formal slavery involves a contract between two people whereby the person who purchases the contract has the right to the slave's labour for a set amount of time. Formal slavery can be based on a contract, lease agreement, or contract for sale, and can also be based on the purchase of land or other assets by a third party. Informal slavery is a situation where one individual buys another individual as a slave. In informal slavery the slave is sold without any written contract and the slave may also be sold to a relative.

The legal definition of slavery is something that is very subjective and has been used for a long time. Slaves in modern society are considered criminals as opposed to slaves in history who were considered property and were treated as such. Slaves were subjected to beatings, torture, rape, and even death. Slaves in the past were often subjected to the lash, whip, and other violent punishments, which was used to break down the will of the slave. The legal status of slavery can be defined as an agreement between two individuals where one individual sells the rights of the other.

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