Angel Name Generator (His Dark Materials)

This name generator will send you 15 random names for the angels portion of the world in His Dark Materials story. Angels are entities made in elemental particles that could be seen, but only the more strong ones could be seen in daylight more easily. The Authority is preceded by several angels, the first angel who proclaimed himself a god. Others accompanied Xaphania, the chief of the angels who rebelled against the Government. Since angels also have the ability to change the course of evolution, the rebels also used that power to push beings to rebel against the Authority. Names of angels are based on angels from religious scriptures, so this generator of names follows the same conventions of naming.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

An angel is a supernatural being composed entirely of dust. They were also known as Watchers or Bene Elim (which they also called themselves). Although corporeal in form, angels' spiritual influence on the material world was quite limited. In the books written by Philip Pullman, angels are described as beings with the capacity to fly. It is said that angels are very powerful and possess the ability to control weather and even to communicate with the mortal world. Some believe that angels were created by God so that mankind would have a place in heaven.

In his Dark Materials trilogy, Philip Pullman depicts a world where angels are no longer with us. In this world, humanity has been destroyed by the fallen angels who inhabited the earth at the time of Christianity. Pullman then describes the life of one individual, an angel named Edward, who was sent by God to help humanity. He is instrumental in stopping the destruction of the Earth by destroying the Garden of Eden, which he believes has been corrupted by the fallen angels. This act leads Edward to become obsessed with finding the rest of his flock, and eventually, the truth about his angelic birth. It is from Edward's efforts that we learn the true meaning of what it means to be an angel.

As mentioned above, in His Dark Materials, many readers are drawn to the story of Edward, who is portrayed as a kind and gentle soul. Pullman portrays Edward as a good person who has been raised in a loving family. However, his angelic origins make him a great person. It is only after his awakening does Edward realize that he is not truly an angel. Pullman portrays Edward as being extremely smart and capable. One might even say that he is intelligent, which is why he chose the side of humanity in the first place. In a way, Edward is a sort of anti-hero for the Christian reader who has experienced a great loss.