Hydra Name Generator

This naming generator gives you 15 random Hydra names. Hydra are multi-headed serpentine animals. The numbers of heads they have differ from source to source, and often after cutting off one head, they develop back several heads. In other instances they either actually replenish one head or zero. However, they are generally quite a threat, whatever form they come under. Hydra also has dark and guttural names with snake sounds mixed here and there. This could be seen as unusual, because it's not the hydra itself which calls them, but also people. But it certainly works, and we've concentrated on this generator in this model. That said, if you aren't a fan of snake-like hiss and groans, many names don't have these features to choose from, but most have the deeper guttural tones.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A Hydra is an imaginary animal or being in a fantasy setting. I have not seen a real Hydra in real life. However, the Hydra as described above is part of a mythical family that come from the mythical lineage of a dragon. While this might be true for metal dragons and chromatic dragons this is certainly not the case of a mythical Hydra. Hydra names come in a variety of different styles and are very unique and not commonly found.

Fantasy authors and game designers take a great deal of time in coming up with a character that fits in well with the setting they are trying to set forth. Often times it takes months to come up with a fantasy creature that can easily make sense within the world they are trying to create. With a fictional animal like a Hydra, there is no need to make such a large leap of faith as is the case with a dragon. These are characters that fit into almost any kind of fantasy game. They are almost always seen as having the same characteristics. Most people tend to use only one form of name to represent them. This is the generic form of the name used by most fantasy authors.

While Hydra is not among the most popular fantasy creatures, it has a very recognizable look to it and is quite interesting when one is looking for a dragon name. One can easily see why it is popular in fantasy circles. There is no question that there is something interesting and unique about the hydra and its ability to adapt to a number of environments and its name reflects that. It is one of those names that will likely never become outdated but it does stand the test of time and that makes it so very popular.

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