Undine Name Generator (Pathfinder)

This name generator will send you 15 random names appropriate for the undines portion of the Pathfinder universe. Undines are humans with an history dating back to the Water Plane and it is this heritage that gives them their tinted blue skins. Like water, undines can at one point be calm and gentle and rage at another, but undines have excellent control over their emotions and will only go through a stage of anger when it is right to do so. Undines love water, and typically live near it. While they are land-dwellers they will spend a lot of time in water and dress accordingly. They also prefer arms that can be quickly used in water and on land. Undine names are both guttural and somewhat melodic and their length can vary considerably. Some names are plain names of 1 syllable 3 characters while others are long with 3 or more syllables. Female names tend to have softer sounds and end up in a vowel or softer consonant, male names end up always in a consonant and sometimes in a more harsh one. Unfortunately, there were no surnames to work with, so they're not part of this generator, however if you want one, the best way is to either choose a second first name or use the generator of fantasy surnames, as those names generally match well with the universe of Pathfinder, particularly if you stick to the names related to more water.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Undine (sometimes spelled Undine) are a race of aquatic creatures, native to the plane of Water, the plane where most Pathfinder adventures take place. In their own language, they're known as either merfolk or elver. In gods' languages, however, they're called ixli or nixl. Undine in general are very mischievous beings and so are the only races to have the aquatic subtype (and also to be lawful rather than chaotic). Their elemental cousins, the merfolk, aren't actually aquatic in nature, but they do tend to be more outgoing and adventurous than the undine, who prefer to dwell in seclusion and tend to keep to themselves.

The Undine were initially created from the merging of a serpent and a fish, and as such have a unique physical resemblance to both of those creatures. They also have the ability to breathe underwater. While there's no specific reason for this ability, the Undine do seem to enjoy the water. This is the main reason that they choose the elemental plane of Water to become a part of - they love the water and enjoy its magical properties, so much so that they make their home there, seeking out new locations for exploration and other adventures.

Because they're considered the masters of water, the Undine make excellent priests, druids, and even fighters, since their powers of magic are so well-developed. Unfortunately, in most games, they're not the ones to play as, since they're fairly weak-willed characters. As with all elemental creatures, however, their weakness to fire makes them somewhat poor candidates for tanking. If you want a powerful underwater character, though, then the Undine might just be for you! They're certainly an interesting alternative for a party, and if you can get them into the right faction, the Undine can be a very strong choice. Just make sure that you get them into a good faction before using the Undine as party members.

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