Twin Name Generator

Initially, twins are people with their own personality and desires, and so on, and in many instances, they do not like to be branded as twins by name or other means. In fact, this generator gives you 15 random names to twins. So, while similar sounding names like 'Benny and Jenny' sound nice for kid twins, at a later age they are often not so nice and adorable. Does it mean that all twins hate it? No, not, of course. But we felt it was important for everyone to say this. Now that this generator includes certain names, this naming convention is somewhat a standard of literature. The majority of names, however, are linked with names instead of sounds and similarities. For eg, Deborah and Melissa both mean 'Bee,' Eve and Zoe mean both a meaning of life, and Asher and Felix both mean fortune, in different languages alone. The last 4 names in this generator are therefore always fully randomized. If you enter a name in the small input field and type in the check box, 15 name pairs with the name you enter will be created, so you can soon see if name pairs with a single name you certainly like to be invoked. If you would like to see your name matched with male names click the "Boy Boy" button, click the "Girl-Girl" button, and click on the "Boy-Girl" button for unisexual names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The good twin or the evil twin, depending on the type of story that you're reading, is usually the antagonist, often a character who's trying to stop the action, but is never able to prevent it from happening. Sometimes the twin isn't a physical match to the main character, but instead is mentally almost exactly like them. In these cases the good twin often has a reason for doing what he does. However, it's often due to an emotional motive which is the cause of the badness, rather than just because he's the villain.

This can be a problem when twin characters are in different locations. In a story about twins in a city, the twin who lives in the city is the good twin, while the twin who lives in a rural area is the evil twin. A fairy tale about two fairies living in separate fields is going to involve a different set of conflict, but if the same conflict is involved in both, the good and evil twins will have to work out their differences. This can take place either in the field, where the twins will have to learn to work together, or in the castle, where the two twins will have to decide who can be trusted, who cannot, and why. The conflict between the twins can be resolved by either the evil or good twin having to choose who to trust, and also by either the good or evil twin being forced to make a choice that they may not have otherwise.

When a novel is set in a different location, it's sometimes important to choose whether the good or evil twin lives in the same location as the main character. In a love triangle, the bad twin may live in a different city while the good twin lives in a different country. If the love triangle is between two lovers and two husbands, then the good twin may have to decide between the two lovers, since there's only one husband left. He may decide that his life's happiness depends on the happiness of the woman he loves. If the twins are in two different countries at the same time, then it may also be possible to choose a location that the evil twin lives in while the good twin lives in a different location. For example, if the good twin lives in London and the evil twin lives in a different part of Europe, then the two twins may have to decide if they are better off living apart or living together.

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