Celtic Gaul Name Generator

This generator will give you 15 random names of Celtic Gaul. Gaul was a region of Western Europe in the 6th or 5th to the 1st century BC. They were eventually conquered by the Romans and the Romans greatly influenced the Gauls, both culturally and technologically. Many Gauls have either taken Roman names or Latinized versions of their own names in order to help themselves in Roman politics. This was subsequently discontinued when the advantage was no longer relevant, but led to many Latin names in sources throughout history. These sources are not always helpful in determining what part of the text a name is, what parts are words to, or even to whom each name belongs. The fact that the authorities disagree about this does not help either. There are still hundreds of names to choose from, and although the exact spells may not always be certain, or if, for example, the name is a female name, there is plenty to play with.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

There are three different regions in Europe where Celtic people live, namely, Western, Central and Eastern. The word 'Celt' means 'language', 'culture'heritage'. Since Celtic culture is very important to the people of Britain and Ireland, we can conclude that 'Celtic names' are the best way to represent our heritage.

The first region of Europe in which a Gaul name may be used is Western Europe. In this area the word 'celtic' is used for the language of the Celts. There are a number of Celtic dialects spoken in western Europe. The word 'Western European' is often used to describe the language of the Celts and other Celtic dialects. A number of Celtic dialects such as Breton, Gascony and Iberian have been spoken in Western Europe for centuries. The word 'Western European' covers the most widely spoken dialects of modern day Celtic and Irish. The Celtic language, which is a Celtic dialect, is also used to refer to the languages of the British Isles.

Another region in which a Celtic name may be used is Eastern Europe. This region covers Germany, Switzerland and Austria. A number of Irish and Welsh individuals also speak this language. Most Germanic and Irish speakers would not consider themselves to be 'Celtic' since it is an Indo-European language.

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