Giant Name Generator

The generator will produce 15 names that are suitable for most types of giant humanoids, such as cyclopses, giants and some kinds of titans. They also adopt those tropes, such as violence and simplicity. I've tried to make sure that the giant names of this generator match in with different cultures, so you are required to find your colossal giant name if you're looking for Greek, Biblical or Norse names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Giants have evolved from their original strongholds into dangerous savages, threatening civilized society as never before. Giants are taking over farms, pillaging villages, and terrorizing cities. Stone giants have driven down palaces and castles, and fire giants have burned entire townships that have stood for ages. Frost giants are pillaging down villages, while ice giants have driven the townsfolk of the High Passes to the mountains and beyond. They have formed a formidable alliance with the Trollkin and the Orcs of the Frozen North. The ancient legends tell of the coming of Giants, of a race of giants that once roamed the lands of Middle Earth.

It is easy to understand why Giants pose a threat to civilized society, but what can be done to stop these monsters? The answer lies in the story of Grendel, who is the first of a new race of giant. His name means "The Unseeing," and it is this name that accounts for his ability to see beneath the earth, to the very core where he resides. Grendel possesses an intelligence that is unmatched by other giant races. He knows the locations of hidden treasures, the strength of weak points in the walls of the fortress, and the most vulnerable parts of the human anatomy. He also knows the location of every treasure and secret known to man, and he can use these secrets to his advantage. If a city is under siege, and if it is not under his control, Grendel can use his knowledge to move the attackers into another part of the city, into a new location where there is little chance of being taken by surprise.

Storm Giant is a great game because of its many story quests. The player does not need to worry about finding the treasure and making up a story in order to get the quest done. There are no time limits, and the players can even skip the story quests and go directly to the combat quests where they will face the giants. This is a good thing, because the narrative of these quests is not always interesting. The quests have a strong emphasis on war and fighting rather than talking, and romance. Most of the time the story is told through a narrator, who is a bit of an overbearing character who can be annoying. but has a reason for being such.

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