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In general, Lizards are humanoid lizards, and although they are very different in size, strength, colors and just the general look, often they are associated with jungles and marshlands. Normally, they are very primitive and have unpredictable temperatures, something not to be overlooked since they always come in large numbers. Lizard folk culture also relies on Aztec, Maya and the like, but it certainly depends on the world of history with which you work. Lizard folk names are often complicated and can be hard to pronounce, in part as their names are often influenced by Aztecs, maya and similar cultures. The same is true for the names in this generator, but the Aztec and Mayan cultures are not always present and can't always be seen. The names that are harder to pronounce are generally longer, but I have also ensured that many short names are easier to choose.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

While widely held misconceptions exist, most Lizardfolk are not evil creatures. For many, the survival of the species is far more important than how they survive, and they often lean toward neutral alignment. They can be very friendly, even if the environment they live in is largely unlivable. The Lizardfolk can be quite aggressive, however, if they feel threatened, or if their kind feels itself threatened by an outside force. They can also be very sneaky, hiding away in dark and creepy corners and moving in without being noticed. Lizardfolk do not live by hunting for food like other races do, so they are constantly on the lookout for new things to eat and to hunt.

Neutral Lizardfolk tend to be slightly more intelligent and creative than their Chaotic counterparts, although the level of intelligence will vary among different races. Most Lizardfolk have a natural talent for cooking, but many do not. They love to eat food that is not very healthy, but most Lizardfolk try to eat only nutritious food, such as raw meat and fish that they catch themselves. Their diet changes depending on the type of animal they catch, and varies from creature to creature.

Chaotic Lizardfolk tend to be more aggressive and violent than other types of Lizardfolk. They tend to follow their tribe into battle and fight for the tribe. Because of this, they become extremely greedy and will often try to dominate other tribes in an effort to achieve dominance. Lizardfolk can be very cruel and will often treat other creatures as though they were just meat and their food. Their intelligence is only average, so they do not really contribute a lot to society.

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