Cloak Name Generator

This generator will give the cloaks, capes and similar parts 15 random names. Most names may usually suit fantasy styles better than other fictional genres, but certain names of function in almost any setting. The names have been divided into 4 distinct groups, depending on how the name is made. Names and divisions are self-explanatory, so here's a short summary: — The first two names are names of 'Cloak of Adjective Noun.' -- The following two names are like the first 2, but with added content. -- The next three names are the names of '(Adjective) Cloak Stuff.' -- The following 3 names are '(Adjective) Cloak' names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Cloaks are the armor of choice for PvP hunters. Though other classes can easily bear the rigors of combat, PvP hunters are in the thick of combat for longer periods of time. "Because hunters can often be caught out of position by enemy players, cloaks help them stay hidden and more effective." "Though Demon hunters can easily shoulder heavy armor like any other warrior for a solid defense, their agile movements often lead them toward lighter armor." Game Guide (src). They have the added benefit of being very resistant to damage, and having very high damage reduction against all forms of damage except fire, lightning, frost, and poison. Though this does not necessarily mean that they can never be taken down, it is generally easier for them to stay alive when wearing armor.

There are many forms of armor for PvP hunters, from light armor to heavy armor. Heavy armor such as chain or mail provides better defense and allows the hunter to fight at a closer range than with light armor, which is more suited for ranged combat. For PvE armor, there are a number of different varieties, from the traditional heavy armor to medium armor. For PvP hunters, medium armor is generally used, as it provides the highest amount of defense and damage reduction while still being lightweight and comfortable for carrying on the hunter's back.

Hunter cloaks can vary greatly in quality. Most will be designed from cloth, but some will be made from heavy metal such as iron, steel, and even diamond. In addition, they can also be crafted from special types of cloth or chain. These cloths can be dyed to match their hunter's faction or other aspects of their personality. They may also feature different patterns, such as a pelt or other design. Each type of cloak is meant to provide the hunter with the best protection, as well as being extremely comfortable. Cloths that are crafted from cloth are typically very light armor, though they can still offer good damage reduction and block high amounts of damage, especially at close range.

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