Zygon Name Generator (Doctor Who)

The Zygons are a humanoid form with bulky bodies, cone-shaped heads, and they are covered in suckers similar to that of a pulp. This generator generates fifteen random names for Zygons of the Doctor who Universe. But despite their peculiar nature, they have many powers, the most powerful being being being able to turn themselves into other beings. But whoever they are must be kept alive to use their body print. There are only two known names of Zygon: Brelarn and Broton. However, since the Zygons are also considered one of the most common villagers, and because they have two names, we decided to create a generator based on those two names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Zygon are alien species in the popular British science fiction TV programme Doctor Who. The Zygon have amazing shape shifting powers, enabling them to change the shape of an individual body part to mimic another, but they have to keep the original person alive for that to work. For this reason they are very ruthless in their pursuit of those who would harm them or even steal their body parts for themselves. The Zygon Doctor is played by Paul McGann and he is a very important character throughout most of the series.

There are a number of different races or species in the Doctor Who universe and among these are the Zygon race, which are the most well known. The Zygon Doctor is a very powerful Doctor, as well as having one of the most iconic costumes, as he has the distinctive black jumpsuit, with red piping and the large blue eye. Apart from the Doctor's suit there are also many different accessories including a big white headpiece, a silver and red scarf and a blue box containing a red phial containing a red serum. He is often portrayed as a very evil character and many fans of the series have said that his character is the only one they can identify with, as they can remember their childhoods and imagine the Doctor as themselves.

The main enemy of the Zygon Doctor is the Cybermen. They are a race of Cybermen from the planet Gallifrey who has taken over the planet Earth. They can be described as highly aggressive creatures, who are capable of destroying entire planets. One major character in the series is the Cyber-Controller, who can control the other Cybermen, using them as weapons against the Doctor. The Doctor himself is also responsible for many of the Cybermen's deaths and is one of the most feared enemies in the series.

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