Insect Name Generator

This generator gives you 15 names suitable for insects, worms and spiders. Although this generator targets players from World of Warcraft, many of these names can also be used for pets on other games or in real life. Although no insects are spiders and worms, I have added them to this section because their names fit well with insects. There are only 1 buttons because most names can be used for most crawling crawls.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Creepy crawlies are crawling insects that crawl (slowly) or creep (quickly). They are usually found in dark areas, crawl on all four or five legs, have a white body, brown abdomen, black head and thorax with several black eyes. Insects are not alive but have a dry, brittle exoskeleton. Many varieties of creepy crawlies can be seen in the yard. Flying insects include bees, lacewings, dragonflies, hornets, wasps, flies, and even ladybugs. These flying insects usually produce honey, making them a nuisance to homeowners. They are often found in large "hives", where they feed on nectar, but also can cause a very nasty insect sting.

The most common type of creepy crawler is a wasp. They are black in color with a short stubby antenna. Wasp species can vary from very small (about 1-inch) to very large (as big as a grapefruit). Some common wasps include silver wasps, red wasps, blue wasps, yellow wasps, and white wasps. Honeybees are a popular source of these creepy crawlies, and their buzzing can drive away the wasps. The wasps will move to another nest and start feeding on the honeybee.

White ants are another common source of creepy crawlies. White ants are similar to wasps in that they can sting, but they don't sting nearly as often as wasps do. White ants usually do not sting if they are handled gently. White ants can be found in small areas, and some have been known to crawl into walls and ceilings in an effort to reach hidden food sources. White ants live near water, especially in wetland areas. They may be attracted to birdseed. These spiders tend to bite when frightened, especially if they are disturbed.

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