Ancient Greek Town Name Generator

This generator of names provides you with 15 alleged names appropriate for antique Greek towns , cities and other settlements. The names in this generator are based primarily on the names of ancient Greek cities and towns. This generator is intended mostly for fictional stories based on ancient Greece, without using actual Greece from history, since there is so much information on that subject. But the possibilities are infinite, with tens of thousands of different potential outcomes. You could build a whole Greece with all these names as a 'alternate history,' or you might create a fictional empire like ancient Greece. Your imagination is the frontier.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The ancient Greek towns had been divided into several sections. At the beginning of the 4th millennium BC Athens was the most prominent city in the Greek world, and the main city-state for the period. In the years before the Peloponnesian war, Athens was not only a major political and cultural center but also a major sea port, trading center and shipping and transport center of the Mediterranean world, with many islands as well as mainland Greece. The ancient Greek town was divided into many different parts and there were many different cultures in the city-states in between the time of Alexander the Great and the early 5th century BC. After Alexander's death, a new city-state was created that lasted for about a thousand years and was known as Persia. Then in 332 BC Athens was invaded by Alexander the Great, who was actually an army officer and later the king of the Greeks.

Alexander's army moved on to conquer other places in the Hellenic world and the cities that he conquered were rebuilt and became the most powerful cities in the Hellenic world, with the greatest being the ancient Greek city of Athens. After Alexander's death, the city-state of Athens was divided into two major parts. The first part was taken over by Alexander's wife Cleopatra, who ruled with an iron fist, and the second part was controlled by Alexander's generals, who ruled the city with an iron hand. These two kings made it possible for the Athenians to form a democracy, where everyone could have a say in government decisions. This was a great time for Athens because of the freedoms and democracy it allowed for, but it also meant that the ancient Greek towns started to get very crowded. The cities were very large and everyone wanted to live there, so the Greek towns became a melting pot of people from many different parts of the world.

When Cleopatra died, her son Ptolemy married Antinous, the wife of Cleopatra, and she then passed her throne to her brother Alexander, who married Cleopatra's daughter Roxane. From this point, the most important city states in Greece, namely the cities of Athens and Corinth, ruled the Greeks together, until Alexander the Great's invasion of Greece during the Peloponnesian War. Athens was still divided into two major parts, but was now controlled by the victors of the Peloponnesian war, and Corinth by the newcomers, making the cities more or less equal to each other.

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