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The moon-rabbit is a rabbit who, surprise surprise, lives on the moon according to the folklore of many cultures, and is particularly common in Chinese folklore, as well as in Japanese and Korean people. It is typically seen in a morter in which the rice cake ingredients are constantly pounded in Japanese and Korean versions, or mortal medicines or the Moon Goddess Elixir of Life in Chinese versions. Moon Rabbits are increasingly common in modern fictional works but are not often called. We have stuck to Chinese names for pets / rabbits for this name generator. As in English, rabbits, like 'Mark,' 'Stomper' or 'Snow' are generally named for their appearance or personality. These names are also part of this generator, in Chinese only. The translation is often inserted behind the name in brackets. Many names may have two words so that you might have as a translation something like 'Innocent White,' for example something like 'Innocent white one.' Not all names can function like this, and in some situations the order of words might be incorrect. In that respect, Chinese is certainly tricky. Instead, we suggest using a kitsune name generator if you are after Japanese names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Moon Rabbit or Moon Hare is an ancient mythological character that lives on the moon in various Asian legends, depending on pareidolia meanings that associate the black markings on the moon as a rabbit or hares. The folkloric folklore originated in the China and now spreading to other Asian countries. According to the legend, a Rabbit was trying to get rid of a Rabbit that ate his cabbage. To protect himself, the Rabbit went into a cave.

There, he had a dream about his dead wife and it was from that dream that he came to know that the Rabbit is going to destroy the Moon. So he came back to the home of a Fairy, who is the protector of the moon. He told her that if she helps him get rid of the Rabbit, she will be protected from the evil Rabbit that will destroy the moon. Since she could not prevent the destruction of the moon, she gave the Rabbit a magic potion that will turn him into a human, but when he goes to the moon, the magical potion will turn him back into a rabbit. The Moon Rabbit is usually depicted with red hair and black skin and sometimes with some white feathers on its body, like in the Chinese version.

In most of the Asian versions of the story, the moon rabbit is said to bring prosperity and good fortune in one's life. He is also a symbol of courage is associated with the moon. Moon rabbits are also said to have mystical powers, like the ability to see the future, or they may be able to do good deeds without actually doing them. The Moon Rabbit is also said to help humans overcome negative energy and bring harmony in one's life.

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