Desert/Wasteland Name Generator

This name generator produces 15 random names for desertlands, including deserts, backlands, wilderness and flatlands. The names for such land masses also reflect the desolation within these lands. There are still several different titles, though, but overall the titles are certainly more bleak than cheerful.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A desert, often called a rocky desert, is a dry area of land where very little rain occurs and, therefore, very harsh living conditions exist for plants and animal life. The lack of plant and animal life exposes the bare surface of the earth to the destructive processes of denudation which can destroy almost all vegetation on the surface. The denudation of the earth's surface can occur due to wind erosion or to precipitation, depending on the climatic conditions. When wind blows against the earth, the air and debris are swept away by the force of the wind and deposited along the earth's surface leaving a smooth surface of rock or gravel as a result. When precipitation falls on the earth, the water evaporates quickly and then collects around the earth's surface to create pools that become soggy.

When rain falls on the earth, it can be combined with the existing moisture present in the air and it is collected under the earth's surface to form pools that become moist and eventually form water streams. When the water flows into the stream it expands the surface of the water and the air underneath it also becomes enriched. The air around the earth will thus receive more oxygen and this is the reason why rivers and streams will evaporate into steam and eventually evaporate completely into the sky. There will be no life left on the land when this happens. At this point there will be no vegetation or animals to feed on the dead or dried up plants and animal food. The animals that survive will then find their way to other deserts which can have very little vegetation and they will use the nutrients they consume from the plants and animals to grow their own food.

To make a desert, it needs to be a place where there is little or no rainfall. In addition to that, it should not have any vegetation either. A desert can appear very differently in different places. A desert may appear as a rocky or desert surface in some places but can look like a flat plain in others. If there is no vegetation or animals around, the surface is known as a barren plain. A barren plain is often surrounded by patches of grass and trees in some parts of the plain and in this way, the land will have an arable grassland and tree covered landscape.

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