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This name is created by 15 random names in Montenegro. Montenegro is a country in south-eastern Europe with a population of about 700,000. Around half of them are Montenegrois and the other half include diverse ethnic groups, including a strong Serbian community. Montenegro is also a relatively newly independent country, apart from being a country with different ethnic groups, having proclaimed its own independence from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 2006, which is later known as the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. They became part of Yugoslavia only after the World War, however. Montenegrin names share many similarities with other Slavic influenced countries, including the remains of a patronymic postname system which was no longer in use. This is the same as names like Johnson which are still used regardless of a person 's sex when John's son was first used.

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Montenegrin is a country in Southern Europe. Its capital city of Podgorica is its largest and the country has many smaller towns and villages scattered over it. Due to its geographical location, the Montenegrin region is divided, roughly speaking, into the traditional and informal divisions of Montenegrins, used by locals and the Montenegrins in the local media. The names of these regions reflect their names, places, and other important features.

Montenegrins themselves divide the region into two parts, which are in the North and South of the country. The North part is named Ljubljana while the South part is named Podgorica. The names are derived from the Old Slavic language. There are two dialects of the language; one is a dialect that is found in the North and one is the dialect that is found in the South.

There are a few other words that are common among the people of Montenegrin. These include: svet, feet (plural of feet), svetlin (plural of jezetlin), jezetin, and svetlinovski (plural of jezetlin). In addition, Montenegrin is also known for the fact that the most common profession of men is that of a carpenter. Montenegrin is also known for its many beaches. Most of the beaches are on the Black Sea coast.

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