Cathar Name Generator (Star Wars The Old Republic)

This name generator will produce 15 names appropriate for the Star Wars universe Cathar race. The Cathar is a species of feline humanoids with lion-like features like manes, retractable paws, agility and strength. They are often born in litters and have been known for their tempers and zeal, as well as for their high moral standards and loyalty. Cathar names are typically 2 syllables long, while male names may be 1 syllable long, and female names may be 3 syllables long. Their names may sound melodic as well as fairly guttural but they sound powerful and intense almost always. Their last names are one or two long syllables, and they have the same sound and feel as their first names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Cathar was a race that was featured in the Knights of the Old Republic video game. The Cathar were a race that appeared to be a fusion between a Taung and a Rakata. They have dark skin, red eyes and pointed ears. The name "Cathar" comes from the Greek words, which means "shining". TheCathar were a race that were native to the planet Rakata Prime. They were natives of Rakata Prime and were known as the Rakatan warriors. They were one of the most popular races to play when they first came out because they were one of the easiest races to play because of their ability to melee well.

In Knights of the Old Republic, the Cathar are playable characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion that came out in early 2020. In the Knights of the Old Republic video game, the Cathar are an interesting race of character to say the least. The race features a number of unique features, including their ability to fly. The Cathar also has some very unique weapon skills, which makes them quite a bit different than the average player character in the game. The Cathar are also one of the most difficult races to kill in the game. The Cathar is one of the few races that will never die permanently in the game and will only die when their weapons become depleted.

When you play the Knights of the Old Republic game, you will want to play as a Cathar. This is mainly because the game has a lot of interesting lore behind the race. There are actually three races in Knights of the Old Republic, which includes the Rakata, the Mandalorian, and the Sith. You will want to play each one because they each have their own set of quests, areas, enemies, and other elements. You will find that you can really enjoy the game if you play through as each race.

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