Mind Flayer Name Generator (Dungeons & Dragons)

This name generator gives you 15 names that usually match the mind of the Dungeons & Dragons. Mind flayers are evil humanoids with tentacular faces that have hideous mental control over or kill others. A lost experience with a flayer of the mind appears to end in two ways. The flayer eats your brain or transforms you into a thoughtless and obedient zombie. But the "gifts" of the flayers of thought are indeed a curse. When spirits eat their victim's brains, which they use for food, they also gain part of their memory and intelligence, which in turn form the overall culture of these intelligent flayers. Therefore, mental flayers call for intelligent creatures or risk being nothing but mindless beings. This, of course, carries a lot of risks and has caused their species to be disappear in many areas. Mind flayer names are varied, but they seem to have both melodic and hard tones as part of their names. In addition, the length of their names can often vary from one syllable to four syllable names. Names are mostly more melodic and end in softer tones, but it's not a rigid naming practice.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Mind Flayer is one of the most common enemies in the world of D&D. In this world full of magic and monsters, a character like Mind Flayer is one of the most powerful enemies to face. In any D&D game, Mind Flayers is large, monstrous humanoid creatures with magical powers. In a standard D&D campaign setting, they usually live in the dark, damp caverns and ancient cities of the huge Underdark beneath the world.

As a character in D&D, a Mind Flayer is usually an evil, malevolent, demonic creature. They often have great intelligence and cunning that make them extremely dangerous to the characters they encounter. Their bodies are generally blue or green in color, with many spines protruding from their backs. Their eyes are a deep, violet and they can change their size at will. The head of a Mind Flayer is usually located in the center of their body. Its mouth is covered in sharp, jagged teeth, while its face features a yellowish-green iris with black sclera and three black points.

Mind flayers tend to be evil, but they do not always go that way. Some Mind Flayers is more good-aligned than evil-aligned, while others may be chaotic evil. Some even are lawful evil. Mind Flayers who are chaotic evil tend to use more negative energy than those who are lawful. The best way to defeat a Mind Flayer is to destroy its brain, which causes the creature to lose control and become confused. This confusion makes it easier for the PCs to attack the brain and finally destroy it.

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