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This generator will call 15 Random Oromo names. Oromo is a language spoken mostly in Ethiopia, but also in Kenya and Somalia by more than 24 million people. The Oromo people's history is full of violence on both sides and on the part of those who want to control them, but sources do not always agree. The formation of Ethiopia and the integration of the Oromo people was achieved , for example, peacefully by some, but violently by others. Even today Oromo identity is regarded as a part of Ethiopia, while others view it as lost and needing regeneration. Oromo names are melodic, often based on meaning like many in Africa and the other parts of the world at some point, and it can be difficult to identify differences between men's and women 's names at first. Males typically end in -a, while females usually end in -e, but that is not a strict rule and depends on the specific word used for the term. As far as we know, the name of the father is used as a surname, but no conclusion can be found on this. If anyone knows about it, please give us a note.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Oromos are the indigenous people of Ethiopia and they have a long history of being called Oromos. In most of Africa they are called Oro. So, when you give your child a name that is related to this heritage you are showing them respect and admiration for their culture. When Oromo have a boy, they usually have a variation on the name Orombe, which means "the brave". There are many variations of this name and it is not uncommon for Oromos to use this name for their children as well. There are some names for boys that will mean courage like Orombe-Baba, Orombe-Kampo or even Orombe-Tekolo.

A common Oromo name for babies is Oromo. This is an older name that was used by Oromo in Ethiopia. Oromo like the way this name describes their heritage. Some Oromo even use this name for their grandchildren. Name: The people of Oromoo refer to themselves as Oromoo. In some texts you will find Orobor. This name means "The great man of the tribe".

If you want an Oromo name for your baby boy there are a lot of ways to do it. You can go to the library and look at books that explain the Oromo culture. Then you can do research online and find some of the great websites available that offer names for babies that will make your baby stand out. The name of your baby boy or girl is very important. Oromo will want the name they call you to represent their culture as much as it represents you. So choose an Oromo name for your baby boy or girl and show them you care about their culture.

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