Reptile Name Generator

This pet name generator gives you 15 names that fit every reptile. While this generator is mainly intended for the World of Warcraft player, many of the generator names can be used for animals in other games or for real life. The 'other names' button will give you names primarily intended for other reptiles, such as crocodiles, basilisks, snaks and other reptiles but all names may be used for them all. On a side note, we know that scorpions are arachnids but their names tend to fit better with reptiles.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What is a Reptile? Reptiles are animals of the class Reptilia, comprised of the alligators, turtles, crocidians, snakes, alligator lizards, amphisbensians, crocodylians, and other extinct reptiles. The study of the family of modern reptilian orders, collectively known as herpetology, is known as herpetoclimatology. The study of reptiles from fossil remains is known as palaeontology.

What is a Reptile? For people who have an interest in the history of life on earth, reptiles offer a window into the early evolution of life. In fact, when fossils were first discovered on earth, they were thought to represent dinosaurs. A lot of reptiles, including the famous Pterodactyl, have been discovered in rock layers dating back to the age of dinosaurs. There are also a lot of fossilized reptiles found in deposits of the Triassic period, which was a relatively brief period in the history of life on earth. These reptile fossils provide clues to how these animals lived during the time of the Cretaceous period, which was a much briefer period than the later Cretaceous period.

How does a reptile survive in its natural habitat? In most cases, reptiles are terrestrial animals; however, some are capable of moving underwater. Their body structure varies greatly, including their scales, their eyes and even their skin coloration. They breathe air and water, respectively, but some reptiles like snakes can breathe both at the same time. They don't necessarily need to eat to survive, but they do need food in order to survive. A small part of their diet consists of air and water, while the rest of it consists of meat. Some reptiles can live without having to eat.

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