Tok'ra Name Generator (Stargate)

This name generator will give you 15 names that normally match the Stargate universe tok'ra. The tok'ra are symbiotics like the goa'uld, but unlike the goa'uld, the tok'ra can only take a host who has volunteered to do so. This typically means that their hosts are wounded or ill, and have no other way to survive other than merge with a tok'ra, although there are those who prefer to host a tok'ra for different reasons as well. Tok'ra names are somewhat guttural, relatively plain, and can include an apostrophe, like goa'uld names. The names are somewhat similar to goa'uld names, although the goa'uld names seem to be usually much more violent sounding. But this is not a formal rule on names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Stargate: Tok'ra novel by Nicholas Bellinger is set after the events in the television show Stargate. In this book, Samantha Carter begins to develop the abilities that are going to be necessary for her to become a SGC operative. However, before she can go on her first mission, the rogue SG-1 finds herself in a battle with the SGC's nemesis, the Tokra.

Samantha and her friends find themselves caught up in the political war between the United Nations and the Systems Alliance. Samantha's vision leads them to a terrorist group known as the System Lords, who rebels against the United Systems Forces. With the help of General Jack O'Neill and Major Samantha Carter, Sam and her friends are able to thwart the terrorists and protect the planet. However, when the planet falls under the control of the evil System Lord Teal'c who becomes the new Supreme System Lord, the only thing they can do is fight him off. Although Sam tries to remain out of the battle by sending a message to Teal'c stating that she has been kidnapped, the SGC will need an extra hand in order to take out the Tokra.

As soon as the SGC sends SG-1 to assist the SGC in the battle against the Tok'ra, they find themselves fighting against a very difficult foe. Sam finds herself not in her own personal place, but in a position where she is having to work together with someone she does not trust. The Stargate: Tok'ra novel ends with Samantha's return to the battle field. At the conclusion of the novel, Sam realizes that the person she was meant to work alongside in the SGC is Teal'c. She also learns about how she helped save the planet from the evil System Lord Teal'c. This book is definitely something for everyone to read in order to see what the future holds for Samantha Carter.

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