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This generator will provide you with 15 names appropriate for galaxies, star systems and other astronomical regions. All names are based on celestial bodies or regions' human naming conventions so that although your own alien species may use various naming conventions, the generator will conform to the 3 most common types. The first type is of Greek name. They are generally named after ancient Greek mythological figures. 'Omega Centauri' and 'Andromeda Galaxies' are some of the names we are all using. These names are the first 5 names in this generator. Because of the random existence of a generator, certain names may be used in real life . The second category used for this generator are galaxy-based names. Two names of the real Galaxies are 'Black Eye' and 'Sombrero Galaxy.' These names are the sixth, seventh and eight names. I tried to make sure that all the names in the generator were not already used in real life, but some may have slipped in. Last name form (and the last 2 names in this generator) are code names, typically made up of of numbers and letters. These titles are the titles of the catalogue. For eg, 'NGC' stands for 'New General Catalog' in the 'NGC 1068 (also referred to as the Messier 77 or M77). The numbers indicate the location of the galaxies in relation to our sky in this list. In this generator we did not use these acronyms, it's simpler to construct original names in this way, and you might find cool catalogs of your own, maybe named after an important scientist in your fictional universe.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A star system is a collection of stars orbiting around a central star, which acts as the center of gravity of the entire galaxy. A galaxy consists of hundreds or even thousands of such systems, each with its own separate star and galaxy name. If you have ever wondered what your name is galaxy, you can look it up in our database to find out. A star system is any of the groups of stars revolving around a particular star system.

A galaxy consists of millions upon millions of these systems. However, some of these collections are so large that they contain hundreds or even thousands of thousand of stellar systems. Galaxy clusters are gravitationally tied conglomerations of large clusters of galaxies, ranging from the hundreds of light years to the thousands of light years. While a single star system may consist of many stars orbiting a single star, galaxy clusters can consist of several stars orbiting multiple stars in a cluster.

Each star in a galaxy has a different name and different color according to its position in the galaxy. For example, if you live in the constellation of Pegasus, your name would be Pegasus, and your star's location would be in the Pegasus constellation. Similarly, if you reside in the constellation Cygnus, your name would be Cygnus, and your star's location would be in the Cygnus constellation. There is more than one hundred billion stars in our galaxy, and you are just one among millions of star systems in our galaxy.

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