Tian Name Generator (Pathfinder)

This generator of names will give you 15 random names appropriate for the Pathfinder universe portion of Tian. Because of the broad range of people we break from the Tian from the others, you will find them in a different name generator. The Tian are humans from the Tian Xia world. Their cultures are heavily based on historical Asian times, but otherwise, in the generator of human names, they are not too different from the other humans. They share the same adventurous disposition and the same sense of purpose, but they are just as varied and a whole range of personalities can be found among them. In this generator there are 7 classes of Tian each of which are represented in the following order with 2 names at a time: Tian-Dan, Tian-Dtang, Tian-Hwan, Tian-La, Tian-Min, Tian-Shu and Tian-Sing. The names themselves are also based on Asian cultures and are as follows: Vietnamese based Tian-Dan, Cambodian / Khmer based Tian-Dtang, Korean based Tian-Hwan, Mongolian based Tian-La, Japanese based Tian-Min, Chinese based Tian-Shu and Indonesian based Tian-Sing. However, there are still some major variations between the Tian names and their equivalents in the real world, so generators of real names will usually not work as well.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

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