Arkanian Name Generator (Star Wars)

This name generator can produce 15 names appropriate for the Star Wars universe's Arkanian and Arkanian offshoot species. Arkanians are a species of humanoids with several variations, but they all look very human. The biggest distinctions between those Arkanians and humans are the white hair and eyes of the Arkanians, and their four-digit paws. Arkanians were great scientists who also improved their bodies both internally and externally with cybernetics, leading to the development of the sub-species Arkanian offshoot. Arkanian offshoots look like a lot of people, but they have more pointed ears and pure white eyes. The Arkanian Offshoots have five fingers on each hand, unlike some of their four-digit handed cousins. They were produced to excell in physical and mechanical work , especially in the Arkanian gem mines. Arkanian names are usually melodic and can be very long. Female names are more melodic, mainly because they end up more often in vowels but they often involve softer tones. Surnames can also be longer than first names, but having the same melodic tones as first names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Star Wars Expanded Universe's galaxy has a lot of interesting names, and one of those names is the Arkanian species. The Arkanian species were originally near-humanoid humanoids with very advanced intelligence who settled on the icy world of Arkanian. They were white-skinned with blue or green eyes, and their hair was either long and wavy or thin and straight. They also had very sensitive eyes, which were often sensitive to infrared radiation.

Although they were capable of cold-blooded respiration, they had no need for air and did not sweat, so they became quite comfortable living on a frozen surface. They were the most evolved of all the humanoid species, which allowed them to survive in their harsh surroundings and adapted to the environment. They lived in groups called clans, and when there was war, their clan would take part in the fighting.

In the Star Wars Arkanian Star Wars universe, the Arkanian clan was formed around twelve thousand BBY. The clan was led by Prince Xizor, who was a former member of the Imperial military and was a trusted advisor of Emperor Palpatine. Xizor and his clan were on a mission of revenge against the Galactic Republic for killing their king and his wife. This prompted the Jedi Knights to come to their aid and defeat the Clan, sending its members back into exile. As the story goes, this clan managed to infiltrate the Galactic Republic fleet, forcing the Jedi to abandon their post and seek out the help of a Jedi Master. This allowed the Arkanian Clan to gain control of the Galactic Senate and become the first of the Galactic Empire.

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