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Cyprus is a small island south of Turkey, historically strategic in the Mediterranean Sea. It contains 15 random Cypriot names. As a result, Cyprus has been conquered by several different powers, and tensions still exist today as a result of past conflicts. Turkish forces invaded north-east Cyprus when Greek military forces attempted to unite the island with Greece five days earlier, on 15 July 1974. The Turkish leader declared the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to the Northeastern part of Cyprus but it is only recognized by Turkey. The Greek or Turkish names are Cypriot, but the Greek names differ from those in Greece. The Cypriots use a patronymic scheme. There are also many variations within the historical and geographical division between Greece and Cypriot.

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There are a lot of Cypriots and foreigners who are interested in finding out the best Cypriot names for their children. In the 1950's the island of Cyprus was occupied by the Greek occupying forces. The Greeks were not too pleased with the presence of these foreigners in Cyprus, and therefore many Greeks took their families to other places. When these immigrants returned, they had to leave their names behind. Many of the descendants of these immigrants chose to keep their names and some of these names can still be seen today. In order to find out the best Cypriot names for your children, you need to know where you can find the right kind of names.

The Cypriot culture is largely influenced by the Greek and other foreign influences. The number of the dispossessed Turkish Cypriots in 1948 can be estimated at about 150, as its native Cypriot population was only 136 at that time. In the first decade of independence, a large number of people came to Cyprus and many of them left their names behind. In addition to this, the number of Greek immigrants also increased during this period and so did the need to find names for their children. As a result, there was a constant competition among the people of Cyprus to have the most beautiful and original Cypriot names for their children. If you are looking for the best Cypriot names for your children then it would be in your best interest to look for the same kind of name that these people chose to leave behind.

It will be easier for you to find a good list of Cypriot names for your children if you are familiar with the place where you are going to find the list. If you are planning to go to the island of Cyprus then you can easily look for a list of Cypriot names for your children on the Internet. There are a lot of websites that will offer you free of charge lists of Cypriot names for your children. You can choose any name that you want, as long as you have chosen a more unique one. There are also a lot of other useful websites that will help you out in locating the best Cypriot names for your children. These websites have a list of hundreds of popular and most appropriate Cypriot names which you can use to give your children their rightful names.

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