Dragon Name Generator (Magic: The Gathering)

This name generator will send you 15 random dragon names that match for Magic: the Gathering Universe. Dragons are giant, winged reptilians whose exact appearance varies from plane to plane. Once they were the most powerful beings in the Magic Universe but they ultimately lost all of their former glory after wars and trickery. Dragon names tend to sound guttural and aggressive but depending on the plane of life this varies. For example the Kamigawa dragons have Japanese sounding names. In the source material, however, there were plenty of names to build a solid basis for this name generator, so there is plenty to choose from in terms of both personal names and common card names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What is a Dragon? You may ask. Dragon has a long and rich history. Ancient people have long talked about them and how they ruled their kingdom. In olden days, they are considered as demigods that ruled over human countries. For most of the human civilization, the dragons are evil and cruel, but for some cultures, dragon were considered the rulers of heaven, earth, and the whole world. In medieval times, they were often used as the symbols of power and prosperity in Europe.

Dragons have always been in the minds and hearts of mankind. Almost every society in the world has stories of these powerful beings. Dragons are depicted as fierce beasts with sharp claws. They are depicted as fierce and evil creatures that were born for one reason only - to eat human flesh. Dragons can be seen in old folklore paintings and even in modern day fairy tales. Dragons represent various different kinds of people, and each dragon has a special role in this world. Their presence and deeds in folklore are what gives us our understanding of what it means to be a dragon.

Magic: The Gathering: Dragons are powerful magic creatures. They are famous for being able to transform into other animals and become powerful creatures. Magic: The Gathering is set in the world of fantasy and magic. Dragons are said to control the element of fire. As such, they have the ability to burn everything they touch, including their own flesh. This makes them quite formidable creatures when they are transformed into other creatures.

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