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This name generator will give you 15 names that suit the Mass Effect games salary category. The salaries are a category of warm-blooded amphibians that, in conjunction with their extremely rapid metabolism, helps them to think and move quickly. That also contributes to a fairly short lifespan of about 40 years, though. They also talk very rapidly, sadly for some.90 percent of the salaried are male. This is because salaries lay eggs, and unfertilized eggs produce offspring for males, while fertilized eggs produce offspring for females. Social norms and rules result in the fertilization of only 10 per cent of these eggs. The full names of salaries are very long and are as follows: 'Homeworld, Country, Region, District, Clan Name, Given Name.' However, only the clan name and the given name (in this order) are created in this generator (and many NPC's in game). Unfortunately, as only 10 percent of the wage earners are female, and as hardly any of them (we think just 2) are ever called in the game, we make up almost entirely the female naming conventions in this generator.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The salaries are amphibian species, with long, thin bodies well suited to their fast metabolism, with thick, short legs, well suited for their long lifespan, and tall, thin skulls with a pointed end that is used to scrape sand out of the ground. Salarian head is short and pointed, with a single horn protruding at the back of the skull. Their upper body is relatively muscular, with big muscles at the shoulders and chest. Their arms and legs are small and slim, but are not nearly as dextrous as those of humans. This is probably why they prefer to use their extra senses in other ways, such as stealth.

Salarian have one weakness: their bodies are somewhat vulnerable to damage. As a result of their low-mass physique, salaries are susceptible to being knocked down, being stunned by an explosion, or getting caught in a chain reaction. This is an inherent flaw in their design - they need to use their speed and agility to avoid these situations. However, their small size also means they can be easily overpowered in close combat. For this reason, they prefer to work as a team with another species, such as Krogans, Turians, or Asari. They can often be found in the upper echelons of a hierarchy, as well as in important military positions.

In Mass Effect, the salaries were an important part of the Alliance crew. This was because their technology could provide cover fire from afar, or fire in concert with others. They served as part of the Normandy SR-2 crew and as one of the very first species to be assimilated into the Alliance. Salarian also appeared on the Citadel, aiding Shepard in his mission against the Reapers. They were one of the few races that didn't fall victim to the Reaper invasion and survived. As a species, salaries are rather proud of this fact. They also seem to have a more friendly outlook on life, as they were seen celebrating in celebration of Shepard's victory over the Reapers.

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