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The Cinghals are the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka and make up about 75 percent of the population, with a population of about 15 million people. The Sinhalese speak Sinhalese, an Indo-Aryan language with a special writing style. Sinhalese naming conventions were historically very different from those in other places across the globe. They used to have a personal name and a "ge," preceding their real name. The name 'ge' suggested a place of birth, title, occupation or other attribute of the individual. The reason it is called a "ge" name is because it's the suffix which ends everything that is considered part of a "ge." For example, "Patabendige Abeysekara" is the name, and "ge" is the name at the end of Patabendi and Abeysekara is the name of the individual. This method of naming today is no longer so popular, now the 'first name + surname' pattern is followed. This is also the trend in this generator.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Sinhalese is a Hindi word, which literally means 'from the Sinhsi', which is an Indian term for Sri Lanka. In addition to this, the word is also a combination of the two words - Sinhasi, meaning 'the south of Sri Lank' and Sankhedhe, meaning 'Sri Lanka'. In the early days of the British rule in India, the Sinhsi people were displaced to the south part of Sri Lank because of the violence being perpetrated against them. Now, they have become the major group of people who speak Sri Lankan. Sinhwana, or Sinhali, is an Indo-Aryan language primarily spoken by the Sinhwana people of Sri Lank, who constitutes the largest Sinhwana group, numbering over 16 million.

Sinhwana is mainly spoken in India. The Sinhwana language is Sinhwana, that was once spoken in Sri Lanka. The Sinhwana people migrated to Sri Lanka and took up their original homes there. Sinhwana is still spoken in areas where there is some Sinhwana influence, such as in Colombo and the north-western regions. Sinhwana can also be heard in places such as Kovalam, Bhayandarani, Kandy, and Kuttanad. It is also used extensively in Northern Sri Lanka.

Sinhwana is a group of languages, which is very difficult to understand in a language like Sri Lankan, as the Sinhwana language contains numerous features from both Indian and Sinhwana dialects. Some of the features of Sinhwana include nasal vowels, the presence of vowels that are similar to Hindi and the use of many devices (tokens that are used to write the Sinhwana language). Sinhwana also has several non-specific terminologies and uses many Sanskrit terms. Thus, Sinhwana has a number of variants. A few examples of these variants include the following: Sinhwana-Malini and Sinhwana-Vaisya. In addition to this, the Sinhwana language contains several words that have different meanings in Sinhwana dialects.

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