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This name generator gives you 15 random anthousai names, but even other related beings work for them. Anthousai are floral nymphs, just as dryads are tree nymphs. Unlike dryads, however, anthousai are not so well-known outside Greek mythology. Anthousai have hair which looks like hyacinths, a plant with flowers in lively colors from white to blue to purple. Nymphs typically are synonymous with the liberation and sexuality of women, but the degree of this can vary from simple, female deities of nature to sexual deities to seducing men. The recognized set of anthousai names are typically color names or floral names, but we are usually naming flowers according to Greek deities instead of just the other way round. This name generator has both floral names and flower names but the floral names are mostly in Latin, as well as in English or French. Colors are in brackets for their localization. Sex does not seem to matter because, despite being a woman, Chloris is pronounced with the male suffix.

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Anthousai are little insects of several kinds in Greek mythology. They were known as having soft hair resembling daisies, lilies and similar plants. The name "anthousai" means "the white of the daisies". Liriope is a well-known example of a flowery nymph coming from a desert. The little ants of the genus Cimicidae, which lives on the flowers of plants and becomes winged, are called "anthousai" in Greek. They are sometimes called "little butterflies". There are many other types of flying insects which have this same meaning in Greek.

These flying insects have been known to cause destruction by destroying the fruitfulness of plants. They also eat and destroy aphids and scales of some kind. The fruitfulness of the flowers of plants is decreased when the insects feed upon them. Some of the insects which do this include the dragonflies, butterflies and others. The most damaging effects of these insects on the plants are on the leaves of the plant.

One of the insects that usually attacks plants and that is commonly associated with the Anthousai, is a white substance which they produce on their wings called dung. This dung is used for marking their territories. The reason for this is because the dung marks out the territory and it also indicates where they have fed on the plant. The other common kind of insect associated with the Anthousai is the lacewing or sthenanthus. The lacewing, in particular, can be destructive to certain types of plants and is usually found on the plant's leaf surface. If it can damage the leaf, it will eat the plant whole.

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