Exo Name Generator (Destiny)

The exo are humanoid machines created by people during their Golden Age, but their true purpose and any knowledge related to it has now been lost in time, and is now not well known to humans as well as to exotic beings. However, each exo has visions of the place where they were born and one exo has even memories that go further back to a time when they are human and become an exo. Exo names tend either to be ordinary human names or names, accompanied by a number. The number reveals how much they were booted. It is said that the number of boot times that a human mind can handle is around 20, but obviously Banshee-44 contradicts that. We did not include actual human names in this generator as the main generators on this web have a range of cultural backgrounds to choose from.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Over four years ago, Destiny gamers bet they have finally figured out what the mysterious Exo Stranger is all about. They can now confirm that the mysterious Exo will indeed appear in the upcoming Destiny sequel, but where can he be found? We were given some interesting details about his new mission in the latest official trailer for the game and we also got a pretty good idea of where and when the character will be appearing. We're pretty sure that the player character will encounter the mysterious Exo sooner or later, but will they get to fight him or will he show up alone? There will be another Exo introduced later on, but as for the mysterious Exo, he seems to be here to stay.

The mystery character has been referred to as a human resource for the Cabal, who has been hunting for human sources and other valuable materials over the past several months. This character is part of an elite group that is tasked to help find these resources for them. The Exo seems to be a member of this group because he is tasked to retrieve valuable items and artifacts, as well as take them back to the Cabal base. He appears to have special access to this Cabal base, but at this time we don't know why. The player character may have access to this Exo in the future because of his connection with the Destiny Vanguard. They're the ones responsible for finding the mysterious Exo.

In the next installment of the game, the mysterious Exo may have some other secrets to reveal. For now, we can assume that he's part of an elite team who is hired by the Cabal to hunt down the mysterious Exo for him. His goal is to recover valuable artifacts for them and bring them back to their base. It would seem that the mystery Exo will have another mission to fulfill in this game.

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