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This generator will produce 15 random names of Malagasy. Madagascar is an island nation off the East African coast. There are nearly 25 million people from a wide range of ethnic groups. The largest species, the Merina, contains just about 26 percent of the population. As a former French colony, the official languages of Madagascar are French and Malagasy, which is also expressed in its names. Although not all of them have such amazingly long titles. These are often found under surnames because of the effort to explain the ancestry and the wishes for the infant. The higher the child born, the longer the surname was generally. Many French names are also issued today, but the surnames are still Malagasy in general. You can find both Malagasy and French first names in this generator.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A variety of Malagasy words are used to describe the island. The Malagasy language is close to Italian and is believed to be a descendent of Polynesian and Samoan languages. There is a large population of French-speaking people in the region, and several British expatriates also reside in Madagascar. As well as having many popular tourist destinations, Madagascar also has a unique culture, rich history and colourful traditions. Some people think that Madagascar names are based on the island's unique geographical features, while others think they are based on the island's many ethnic groups and dialects.

The names of the places on Madagascar are very unique and are often used to describe the entire region. Many Malagasy names are also used for places of worship or historical significance. For example, the first capital of Madagascar, Antanasanivo, is thought to have been named after a place where Christianity first originated in the region. Names of places of worship, historical figures and landmarks and other names of prominent figures are also very popular. Another popular Malagasy name for the country is Bambuhu, which is the same word as the Malagasy word for 'the big one'. Some Madagascar names are also based on the country's national sports, such as the country's most popular sport, cricket.

Madagascar's unique culture and history have led to many common names for the regions, although Malagasy names for locations vary widely. Many people use the traditional names, but some use the more popular name, like Antanasanivo for an old capital of the island. A famous Malagasy name is Kipenango. It is derived from the name of the town where the country was first discovered. Many Malagasy names for locations in Madagascar have their origins in the language itself. The word for 'mountain' in Malagasy is 'maq' which is another word for mountain and 'nege' which means river or stream. Another popular Malagasy name for an area is 'Ngati' which means the Great Forest, which is situated on the northern part of the country.

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