Beholder Name Generator (Dungeons & Dragons)

This name generator will send you 15 names that best match the Dungeons & Dragons world viewers. The holders are horrorous creatures of extraordinary intellect and even great powers. They have the power to change reality, project all kinds of magic from each of their many eyes, think beyond any other being's abilities, and are unbelievably paranoid. Their fear comes from the ability to see and their intellect all about them. They can easily envision all possible situations where a single event can occur or in which two events can be linked. Whether real or not, the viewers are all the more risky. The names of the audience are different, but in the first half they seem to sound more melodic and rough in the second half. It's not a very rigid convention for naming, but it's a common feature. Their names can also be long, from a mere name of 3 characters to 15 characters or more.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Beholder, also known as a beholder dragon, beholder demon, beholder devil or beholder hellhound is an extremely large, scary, and dangerous demon that lurks in every dark corner of D&D's World of Warcraft. It appears as a colossal, green winged monster. Its name comes from a dragon from Greek mythology that was a giant and lived in the middle of the sea. The Sea Beholder had three magical eye beams in its mouth and could see three objects: a Charm Ray, paralyzing ray, slowing ray, and fear ray.

A beholder has an intimidating presence, but it is much more than a ferocious beast that feeds on magic. Unlike a dragon, it has no breath weapon but instead emits a powerful magic aura that can turn enemies invisible. This aura, however, doesn't last long. It's possible to take on a beholder by yourself, but you'll have to know your opponent well, as most beholders are extremely large and powerful. Since they breathe powerful magical radiation into the air around them, they are extremely dangerous to any players who aren't careful. A beholder can also kill players who attack them without their knowledge, and it attacks relentlessly.

As a player, a beholder is a formidable opponent. It's very fast and incredibly strong, making it difficult to take down. It has three eyes, which allow it to see through invisibility and detect hidden opponents. It has a breath weapon that can immobilize opponents, but doesn't affect creatures with intelligence. In addition to these attributes, a beholder possesses a number of spells that can deal with any number of opponents. It can drain the life of its prey by sucking the soul out of a character, cast magic spells to affect its enemies, and even attack with powerful weapons. The beholder's ability to move and sense are also very useful tools for anyone who plans to defeat a beholder.

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