Goblin Name Generator (Harry Potter)

This name generator will give you 15 random names for goblins, fit for the world of Harry Potter. Goblins are little creatures known for their abilities in metal making. These skills are used to mint the coins used as wizard currency, and as such they manage a large part of the economy, including the Gringotts Wizarding Bank. The names in this generator are based on the called goblins in the Harry Potter universe, most of which have a 2 syllable name that sounds rough and guttural, such as 'Ragnok,' 'Bogrod' and 'Gringott.' We based the names mainly on those names in this generator. There are a few names that don't follow this law, such as 'Urg' and 'Ug' (both 1 syllable) and 'Eargit' and 'Griphook' (descriptive names). There's no mention of female names in the Harry Potter universe and female goblins are never included, so we didn't divide names into male and female names, so there's just no need to start.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Goblins are extremely intelligent species of humanoid small magic humanoid creatures with short legs and very large fingers and toes that interact intimately with the wizardry world. Their natural diet is mostly insects, roots, fruits, and mushrooms, but they occasionally consume other types of flesh in order to enhance their ability to live in underground environments. Goblins are skilled metalsmiths, notable for their unique silver work, and converse in an ancient language called Gobbledegook. They also mint coins for wizardry money, while using coins produced by muggles and non-magical gold, silver, copper and bronze coins. Goblins have been the focus of much humor throughout the Harry Potter books because they are so poorly defined, making them a very funny and entertaining group of creatures.

The majority of the Harry Potter Goblins were first seen in the first book, and therefore only in later books will there be more specific appearances by different Goblins. However, despite the number of variations of Goblins, all Goblins still share a few features. Goblins are often quite large, with large feet and arms, long necks, thick chests, broad faces, and tiny mouths. Goblins have large pointed ears, a short nose, round eyes, a wide mouth, and a short body. Their skin color ranges from grey to dark brown, with red hair. They are also very agile, able to run fast and jump high.

One of the first characteristics of a Harry Potter Goblins was their name. Goblin, which means "little man," is a relatively good fit. Their bodies were small, although they often became larger as they aged. They were capable of growing to almost twice their normal size, although they rarely did so. They usually lived underground in dark places, where they could hide from both humans and animals. In addition to their large body and short stature, Goblins also had a number of distinguishing features. Goblins were very good at making their home underground, being strong and durable.

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