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The Franks were a group of Germans who gradually became the rulers of large territories in Western Europe, often occupying parts of France , Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany depending on how far you travel. While the word 'Franconians' is sometimes used to describe all the tribes in its entirety, they have not all been united. Some of the Franks were allies of Rome until Rome fell, while others invaded Roman lands. It wasn't until the fall of Rome that the Frankish tribes were grouped together. They are a curious combination of Nordic, Germanic and Latin influences, although they are the least popular of the three. Few Frankish names are still used in their original form or in a slightly altered form today, but most seem to be totally unusual. No Frankish nicknames because nicknames during their time were not used. Surnames are a very new term.

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Franks, the descendants of the original Frankish people, have been referred to as Frutes. In reality, they are the Latinization of the Frankonian language of the first inhabitants of Britain. The Franks were a group of people originally from Germany who settled in Britain before settling down in the cities of Normandy and France. The Franks had a mixed background of German and British tribes who mixed with each other to form a new identity in the face of the different influences brought to their country. Frankic language. Frankish, also known as Old Frankish, was the West Germanic tongue spoken by the Romans between the fourth and eighth centuries.

After the Salians Franks settled in the Rhineland, their descendants in Picardy, Auvergne-Rhone formed the Frankish tribe who eventually settled in France. The Frankics were initially a warrior race, but after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire they became farmers and craftsmen. The Franks are known to have invented some of the best swords and armors in Europe in the seventh century AD. They are known to have fought against the Visigoths in Spain and in the Battle of Tours and in the sack of Rome in 410 AD, during which they killed the pagan Emperor Valentinian III. Some of the legendary Frankishes are Ealdorman Wessex, Duke William the First, Abbot Oswald of Troyes, Abbot John of Montefiascone, Abbot William of Hereford, Abbot Oswald of Trier, Abbot Baldwin of Fes, Abbot Bertrand of Rievaulx and Archbishop Basil of Rouen.

Felaise (Francesa) is the most famous Frankic name of a person in France who had been born in Italy. He was a member of a clan of Lombards called the Scaligerani and he died in Italy at the age of fifteen. Fraino (Frances), another famous Frankic name, was a member of the clan of the Scardii in Germany. He became a priest in the monastery of St. Peter at Tours in the mid-6th century and he served Pope Boniface. I. The other Frankic name of a person in France is Gautama, which means "Son of Man". His descendants in France are also called Gauts, Gautes and Gautais.

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