Norn Name Generator (Guild Wars)

This name generator will give you 15 names appropriate for the Guild Wars Norn race (2).Norn are big, Viking-like people who enjoy hunting. Given that hunts are typically quite a solitary endeavor, Norn is always found alone. Their culture also focuses on individual successes, after all the bigger the chase the bigger the rewards. Norn often work together because certain prey are just too large to take down. Just as their appearance parallels that of vikings, so do their names. Their first names are typically Scandinavian but from any northern language it can be any name. Norn typically does not use last names but those that do appear to use one of three different forms. The first sort follows the naming conventions of many ancient countries / nations in the North, meaning that the last names of women tend to end in dottir (daughter of), and the last names of men tend to end in son (son of). It's also possible to end up in family (family of) in Guild Wars though. The second form of last names, including Dragonslayer and Truthseeker, are fantasy style last names. The third form includes titles such as The Giant, The Guardian and The Titan. This generator has all three forms, separated as follows: the first four names are called -dottir, -son and -kin. The next 3 names are fantasy surnames, and the last 3 are characters.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Norn are an aquatic race of slim shape-changing half-giants who reside in the far north. In the first Guild Wars expansion pack, The Burning Crusade, the Norn appear mostly as NPCs throughout the vast majority of The Shivering Isles, where they defend portals and resurrection shrines. However, in the second Guild Wars expansion pack, Guild Wars: Cataclysm, the Norn have made a dramatic comeback. In this game, their appearance is varied, with many Norn players choosing to create their very own faction by choosing their favorite race, gender, profession, personality type and more.

As the most common type of Norn, the Norns are often found in areas that are icy cold, such as the frozen wastes of Northrend or the desert of Akama. The most popular gender among the Norn is the female, because they have more unique traits and characteristics. The male and female versions of this race are both considered "Norn," so players will usually see both Norn when choosing their race. Some of the most common Norns are Eiriss, who are found at the top of the server, near the Northern Strand; Anessa, found near the center of Icecrown; Niau, a powerful Norn at the heart of the Deadmines; and Aerala, who live in the southern areas of the Desert Highlands. In addition to their many characteristics, each Norn has their own skills and abilities, which players will be able to choose from according to their style of play.

If you're a Norn player who likes customization in their game, you'll want to find a Norn guild wars 2-character creator. This easy-to-use program allows you to build a character out of a huge variety of Norn races, genders, professions, and personality types. You can use any of these characters in any location on the server, but the best Norns have more than one in order to explore different areas. There are several guild wars character creators available online, and many of them allow you to upload your own characters so that others can play with them and experience a real life Norn experience. While playing through the story of Guild Wars, the Norn can build up the various professions they need to become powerful in the field of magic. Necromancy, which is an ancient art of creating life from the dead. In addition to their skills, you can also spend time exploring the world, meeting other NPCs and learning new skills.

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