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You will be given 15 random Tatar names by this name generator. The Tatars are people who speak Turkish. The largest population of Tatars, about 5,5 million, lives in Russia, but Tatars exist in most of Eastern Europe as well as elsewhere in the world. The Tatars were former Batu Khan allies who lived in the 13th century AD, but the Tatars are much older. Due to the widespread use of the Tatars and the evolving culture (like Russian surnames) Tatar names may differ in origin. You'll find names from Russia, Islam, different Asian cultures, etc.

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The people of Tatarstan are the last of the Turkic speaking peoples who lived in central Russia and were called 'Turkmen' in the language of their ancestors. Their ancestors had lived in various areas of central Asia, including parts of modern-day Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Tajikistan. After centuries of migrations, they settled mostly in the regions of the Ural Mountains and the steppes of Central Asia. They later spread into Europe and settled in the regions of Transcaucasia and Northern Asia. They were the first to introduce Turkmen names to Europe. Today, there are more than two hundred Tatar names in use all over the world.

Tatar is the name of the ethnic group of these Turkmen people. Some Tatar names are also used as ethnic Turkoman names. These include 'Tavriyev', 'Tovat', 'Tovkiy', 'Tovskiy', 'Tovsky', and 'Zhul'. The language of these Tatar names has been modified slightly in order to make it understandable by many non-Turkmen speakers. Many Tatar names have a slightly different pronunciation compared to native Russian names and are pronounced in a more relaxed manner. It has been noted that some names of Tatar origin are so similar to English ones that they are considered to be the same name, despite being different dialects. As such, there are certain cases where the names of Tatar origin can be mistakenly translated into English.

The language spoken by the Tatar people is Kara, which is also the main language of the region of Tatarstan. Other local languages used in Tatarstan are Khokhar (Kazakh), Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Polish, German, Urdu, Turkish, Greek, Italian, Romanian, and Latin. Some of these languages are commonly spoken by both Turkmen and local people living in central Russia, but not every Tatar living there speaks the language in common. The Tatar language has remained relatively unchanged since the times of its arrival to Russia and is now widely accepted as one of the most common languages in Russia, where it is the second most commonly spoken language after Russian.

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