Wraith Name Generator (Stargate)

This name generator will give you 15 names that would usually match the Stargate universe wraith. The wraith is a vampiric humanoid hive-based species that prey on other humanoids to extract their life energy. Their primary victims are humans, or animals of wraith 's vision. They are in constant confrontation with the lanteans, who live in the same world, and who spread life across most of their world, which unwittingly contributed to the emergence of wraith. Wraith names are generally nouns, but occasionally a compound name also appears. Their names come from the original, instinctive nature of their telepathic existence within their hive-based culture, so you end up with names like, for example, Guide, Locust, Nightwind and Bonewhite. This generator follows these trends but we've expanded more on the types of terms used, mainly for the sake of variety.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The wraith is a creature from the distant future who attacks and destroys civilizations by assimilating the life-energy of living beings. These are usually humans, because the wraith feeds on human energy in an unending process that causes the victim's skin to sag, causing their faces to age quickly. The wraith feeds on the life force of the people of the planet it attacks. In a time when the planet Earth is dying of lack of life-energy, a group of young humans to discover the existence of these beings from the Pegasus galaxy.

The wraith feeds on the lives of the humans they kill and then assimilates the energy in their body. This energy is converted to life energy, and the human being becomes a life energy vampire. It is at this time the young humans decide to save the world. They travel back to the Pegasus galaxy and use the power of a Stargate to contact the wraith. The wraith agrees to help the young humans if they allow the Stargate to be destroyed in order to stop their energy vampire creation. The wraith then uses a wormhole to pass through the planet's atmosphere and merge with the Stargate, creating the first wraith.

The Stargate wraith names come from their connection to the Stargate: They are named after the planet where they originated and were created: The Pegasus star systems. The planet where they have become stuck, is known as the Draetheus planet. All the names are taken from the planet where they originate, but also from the first wraith to make contact with humanity, who was named after the planet where they originated: The Draetheus star system.

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