Nekojin / Cat-people Name Generator

This generator name will give you 15 random names for nekojin, also known as Cat-people, surprise, people with cats' characteristics. This may vary from basic cat paws to feet, from a tail to a feline humanoid. Nekojin are a common trope in anime, manga and other related media, so half of the generators' names are Japanese. The other half of the names are feline names, mostly based on sounds made by cats. However, it is also entirely possible to find Japanese sounding names here.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

If you are a fan of cats, you might be aware of the feline breed of people that share their interests with the felines and cats of Japan. A feline is a type of animal that lives in the wilds and belongs to a breed of cats called the "Cat-people." There are several different breeds of cat-people, some more common than others.

The most popular of these breeds of cat-people are the "Yokai" and the "Nekojin." These are called the "Nekojin" for a reason. These cats were born with special powers and they are considered to be very evil.

The other breed of cat-person is the "Nyoroi," which was also created through breeding with humans, specifically the "Human-nekojin"Human-neko". Although not as famous as the "Yokai", the "Nyoroi" still has its own followers. The difference between the two is that the "Nekojin" are very friendly while the "Yokai" are more inclined to be aggressive.

Other names that are used when referring to the feline breed of cat-people include "Manga," "Nekotora," "Nekojipan," "Nekojin," "Yokohama", and "Sanmoni". This does not mean that the other types do not exist. The only problem is that the cats of this breed have a tendency to be more popularly known as the "Yokai" because their powers are much more unique.

Although the cat-people of Japan are not the type that live in the fantasy world depicted in Japanese stories, they do live in a very real world. For example, they are a type of "mage" in this world and they use their powers in order to protect the world from evil and protect their beloved cats.

The "Yokai"Nekojin" may have their own followers, but the "Nekojins" are far more popular. The name "Nekojin" means "God's kittens" and the "Yokohama" is a name used for them, just as the "Sanmoni" is used for the cats of Japan. Just like any type of feline, cats from Japan have many different personalities and can come in many different colors.

Although this feline breed of cat-people are very rare, they are not uncommon. Many people look down upon the existence of the "Yokai" cats, especially since many of them are extremely friendly and loving. Some of the more famous cats of this type include Miroku and Jiroku.

There are a lot of similarities between the feline breeds of cat-people, but there are some major differences as well. As we have seen, the "Yokai" were the human species, while the "Nekojin" were actually the cats of Japan.

In Japanese mythology, the "Yokai" were said to have been the cats that were "given away" to humans by the spirits of the dead. In fact, the Japanese word for the "Yokai" is "Chi."

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