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This generator generates 15 Bulgarian random names at a time. Bulgarian names consist of 3 names. A personal name, a surname and a family name. The patronym name is generally not used for that person and in most cultures, the personal name is just a normal name. There are female and male names, but that part of the system of naming is quite standard. The patronymic name is a name based on the personal name of the father, but changed to show the gender of the person with a suffix. For example, the son of someone named "Aleksander" would be named in the middle "Aleksandrov" or "Aleksandrova," a daughter would have the middle name. This suffix system is used for surnames as well.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Bulgarian is an Indo-European language belonging to the Old Bulgarian branch of the Indo-European family. The Bulgarian name originates from the Indo-European roots meaning "of the west"western". Bulgaria is located on the western coast of Asia Minor, a peninsula formed between Greece and the Black Sea. The region is known as the Black Sea, the Dobrinas and Pazardzhik Mountains are part of its territory and are separated by the Varna River, which flows through the heart of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian name is a corruption of this region's original name, and means "the west, near the sea". Bulgarian spelling etymology is marked by the linguistic diversity and the position of this country in the western part of the continent throughout the ages. In fact, many of Bulgaria's regional dialects have no written past tense or even definite verb forms; therefore, it has been said that Bulgarians may be considered the world's last true illiterates!

There are a number of popular Bulgarian names for both boys and girls, and one of these is the popular names of Alexander and Ivan, which are pronounced as "Ahnjahn-yan and ahnjahn-yen". This name is an old fashioned one, which was actually first used by the Emperor Ivan IV as a title for his son, Prince Ivan, who died shortly after birth. There were actually two Alexander names that were popular at the time, and they were named Ivan (which is an archaic form) and Alex (which are the traditional form). The name Ivan comes from the Russian word "ivan", which means "warrior"soldier".

There are more modern variations of this name as well as some names that have no connection to the royal family, and can also mean "one of many sons". One popular name for a girl is Olga, which means "light". Another famous name for a woman is Mina, which means "a beautiful woman". Another popular name for a boy is Nikita, which is actually a diminutive form of Nikola and means "son of Ni". If you would like a more unique Bulgarian name for your child, you can look into names like Nikola. or even Nikola-Peter. However, if you would rather have a more traditional version of this name, you can check out names like Nikita, which means "son of Nikola".

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